A charming farmhouse where guests can relax in the inviting calm
The farmhouse is located in the Montefeltro countryside in the beautiful Region Marche
The accomodation

The farmhouse includes the old house built in the typical rural architecture of Marche: the external walls are made of sandstone facing bricks, stone chimneys, while inside the rooms have terracotta floors, oak ceilings beams and chestnut frames. In the background, a simple nature and wild at the same time, offers a lot of surprises and natural products.

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The farmhouse

Lost in the countryside of Urbania, La Valle Dimenticata is a charming peaceful refuge wich has been closed in the past and was recently reopened. We are in located in the centre of Montefeltro, in Marche, in a hilly and restrained landscape but only 5 minutes far away from the village. We are just a few kilometers from the beautiful Urbino, along the Strada del Duca, on the border between Marche, Umbria, Tuscany and Romagna where a charming and relaxed atmosphere reigns.

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We have always loved the countryside, the nature, the flowers and the plants… this is not our work, but our lives.
In 2009, we participated in a project with the Region Marche to preserve and to let grow many varieties of ancient local fruit trees, once typical of the area but now almost extinct: this is definitely our biggest bet since there is no one else in our area that adopts the same activity. The new orchard is located behind the building in the middle of some olive, apple, pear, walnut and cherry trees and among long spikes of lavender swaying in the sun and being loved for the pleasant scent.

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If your dog is docile and obedient, there is no reason not to bring it and let it run freely between the meadows and fields of our countryside.

Agriturismi: La Valle Dimenticata, Urbania